Rural China

Since 2006 the company started organizing trips in Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces (South West China).

We offer customized eco travel, day trips, hikes, family trips, photography trips, bird watching trips and other themed trips in rural and remote regions of Yunnan province, mainland China, as well as in Hualien county of Taiwan R.O.C.

We offer specialized travel in areas of ethnic minorities, hill tribes & villages, aiming to show you the real people and their heritage culture.

We are vegetarian friendly and offer 100% vegetarian and vegan travel.

Rural China© provides private tours tailored to suit client interests, offering each customer a unique experience, sharing some of the most beautiful and yet less travelled sites in this vast land.

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Our specialists are experienced local English speaking guides. They are all passionate travellers who have travelled all over China, some of them are local minority people and some of them are local residents.


Co-founder of Rural China© Yueliang is a wonderful guide, more like a travel companion than anything else. His language and cultural skills are unparalleled, the fact that he was brought up in Beijing has obviously given him the background to deal with most situations, and his fluency and good natured ways put all around him at ease. First time travelled to Yunnan province in the year 2000, to discover this very special and exceptional part of south west China. Fascinated by the cultural diversity, cuisine and massive size of this ancient country, the small boss started guiding tours back in 2006 primarily in rural areas of China, revealing the pristine and yet unseen. Whether its minority groups, hidden valleys, ancient festivals or sacred mountains, the contact with the local communities is always unforgettable.


Axing has been working as a private tour guide in China for the last 5 years. Originally from Canton, once she spent 3 years in Ireland! Her great sense of humour makes most clients wishing their trip lasted longer. Extensive travel experience all around Tibet, for she spent 4 years working there. Well informed about the Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. Now based in Dali, Yunnan province, Axing keeps on guiding in Shangri-la and Deqin, and is well accustomed to the area.


Juan Siblesz, originally raised in Caracas, and then United States. Ever since he could travel independently, he moved to China and studied sinology at universities in Beijing and Kunming. Fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, English as well as Yunnan Hua, Juan’s interests are in history, culture, music and mythology of Yunnan and its ethnic groups.
Since 2011 Juan has been based in Dali, Yunnan province, being part of RuralChina team, he is willing to share the secrets of this remote part of the world with You.


Russian Jenia is a scolar in eastern language studies and religions. In the last decade he has lived in SEA, spending time in southwest China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan. Totally 9 years of life in Asia, during that time Jenia lived 3 years in the ancient town of Varanasi, studying Hindi at university. Being accustomed with the cultures, Asia has become a home away from home to our Russian explorer. In the past, he has guided and organized numerous trips for Russian compatriots in India, Vietnam and Cambodia. In 2012 Jenia arrived to Yunnan, to discover a lush green and culturally diverse province, with majestic snow mountains, herbs, ethnic minorities, the tea road and much more. Jenia is looking forward to show you around…